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Default Pitch Death

Well, I know that I'm going to find my own answers to this shortly, but it's a terrifying prospect so here I am wailing into the internet again. Hear me holographic robot people.

Spring is fast approaching and at the same time I'm hitting the bottom of my magical pot of gold that's kept me alive and where I am over the winter. Luckily the season for street performing starts much earlier in Edmonton than it does in Sylvan Lake when I started last year. I'm pulling the old show together again for another, hopefully, bigger and better run. However I have no plans to travel. Due to several things tying me down to the area I'm in I plan to perform almost entirely in Edmonton and the surrounding area for the spring and summer.

Then it hits me... that's a long time. A lot of months. Farmers markets are going to be my best venues for the next little while until it gets consistently warm and tourists start flooding Churchill Square, the only pitch in the city that I'm aware of, and the first "real" pitch I'll have worked. I'm just a young upstart with naught twenty minutes of anything special cobbled together and a bowler hat to keep me afloat. I need to live off of this.

Or take a real job again but I'm so out of place in that world that I'd rather not dwell on it, instead focusing my energy on making this work.

I have faith in what I've put together, I enjoy doing it, people seemed to receive it well last year. Still though, I imagine Edmontonians are going to have seen it by the time summer rolls around. I'm starting to worry about people getting bored with me by the time festival season hits. Just how DOES one keep from growing too old while working one place for a whole season?

I'm thinking of maybe limiting the work I take to what I absolutely need... Of course I can always try to do more booked work, which grows easier to find in the summer to help a little. I'd love to change the show and add more but I'm not quite ready for that just yet. That is to say I don't have any more material I feel is presentation ready. I'm trying to do my best not to piss people off by being another young new guy working an area to death. It's bad for me and for performance as a whole. I'm just not sure exactly how I'm going to avoid it.

Well, we'll see.

Wow, that was a lot of paragraphs. Concise points are not my forte...

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