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Hello everyone this is a note to advise you that the Edinburgh Fringe will be charging performers this year for the right to perform. If you are going to perform there this year or you have performed there before please pass this info to anyone else you know who is thinking about performing at Edinburgh this year. If we all stand up against this cash grab we may overcome it if we don't band together we will pay for the right forever.
As a group we are trying to resist this new fee based system as it will eventually,
1- Inflate over time
2- Price out artistic and new acts
3- Influence other festivals to charge street performers.

We are going to boycott this fee, please do not pay it and tell anyone you know who intends on playing at the fringe to do the same.

Please join this facebook group if you are on facebook,
or post your comments here.
This is a copy of the letter sent to all potential street performers at this years Edinburgh Fringe festival,

Dear Edinburgh High Street Performers,
I would like to thank you for the petition you sent to the High Street Manager.
Although some kind of fee will have to stay, we have listened to the arguments made regarding the
unbalanced nature of the flat fee and will respond to this.
I can confirm that we will be implementing a new fee structure that we hope will make the High Street
financially viable for all involved.
The fee helps towards providing staff and security for the event and, along with other revenue streams
such as sponsorship, contributes to the cost of providing a safe, enjoyable environment for tens of
thousands of people every August.
The High Street in August receives no public subsidy and we need to be able to cover the costs of
staging the event. The Fringe Society is a registered charity, which re-invests any surpluses back into the
Once the structure is confirmed we will be uploading the 2009 application forms; this will be happening
in the coming weeks.
I hope that the Fringe and street performers can continue working together in a constructive way that
benefits all involved.
Kind regards,
Tim Hawkins
General Manager
this message is directly from asher Tea who may self destruct at any given time.

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