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Originally Posted by gav View Post
Wow, what's with American Hygiene ? I've traveled to about 30 Countries all over the world, most in Europe but some in '3rd world' countries and never had a problem with bed bugs anywhere.
One more reason not to do a US tour.
I had never really thought about them much until I got bit. In fact, I didn't really even believe they existed except in that saying "don't let the bed bugs bite". After I got bit I started talking to people about them and the stories came out, but most people haven't run across them personally. I'm sure they are in Europe too, it has nothing to do with hygiene, they don't live in dirt..... it's kinda like saying that Australia's spiders are a hygiene problem.

Wiki says that in some places (like India) you should look for red stains on the walls from where people have smashed the bugs with their thumbs.

Apparently hotels in some states are required to refund the hotel room and pay for you to replace all your luggage if you stay in a room infested by bed bugs.

They are also weird bugs. Jonathan was staying in the same room (different bed) and he didn't get bit at all. Even people staying in the same bed can have the same experience.

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