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Default "Do you offer an industry discount?"

So I've now had two or three people ask, "Do you offer an industry discount to event planners"? and I've choked down my first response of, "Oh yeah, normally we do business with gravestone carvers and mechanical engineers, but you're in our INDUSTRY, why didn't you say so?" and instead stressed that our price is inclusive of insurance and travel, we provide many acts, etc, etc.

Does anyone else get this question a lot? Is there some question they are asking that's implied by this that I'm not getting? Because I'm kind of like, what do you mean, an industry discount? You asked for my price, and that's my price. If it's more than you can afford, see if you can provide something like travel, or let me know that we're out of your budget and I'll either wiggle if I want the gig or refer you to someone you can afford.

Your thoughts?
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