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Default Why DO events hire strolling entertainers?

Occasionally I find a terrific event, and when I approach them, they are unfamiliar with the very concept of strolling or atmosphere variety entertainment.

Or the event is very familiar with balloon twisters, or face painters who collect from/vend to the public, but can not imagine why the festival should hire a stilt walker, juggler or other strolling entertainer.

Since I am so close to the forest, I can't see the trees, how about some help here. Why DO events hire strolling entertainers?

Strolling entertainers can/do :
flag traffic, draw attention, show the way, act as ambassadors of good will, act as a landmark, entertain those waiting in line so they don't get bored and leave, keep the kids out of the (paying) adults hair, keep the kids out of the venders hair, advertise/give recognition to event sponsors . . .

What else?
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