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Good times, good times.
Boston is today and it ended up being a simple "pass through" day. It's a shame because I know there are peeps here. But I screwed up my planning.
I've missed a few days of video making because there are only so many videos I can make about rocks (Hey, uhhh, Taxi... You like rocks or somethin?).

Celebrated the Equinox with Taxi by planting eggs in the garden (upright, of course) along with candy corn (for when the eggs hatch) and a few jelly beans.

Now on to Montreal to see some animators (and maybe Aytahn, somewhere between Montreal and Ottawa) and more animation peoples in Ottawa.

Then home.

It's been a ride. I'll be editing and uploading for some time. This has been a really great trip.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.
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