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Lurk multi tiered agents

I have a potential microsoft gig. I respect the agent who offered it to me for a variety of reasons. He's upfront, he's working to make my experience streamlined and even secured me another potential gig days later to soften the travel expenses, he has my interests at heart.

My question is. the agent above him, and the agent above him once removed before the client.
What's their point?
Because from my perspective they are simply circle jerk leeches, or clinging little superfluous middle management dingleberries costing the client and costing me and adding absolutely no value whatsoever to the equation.
How does an agent, who has no direct contact with either the client or the talent justify their cut?
How do they add value?

In whose interests, other than their own, do they exist?
Surely the client in the longterm, in whatever corporate consultancy efficiency review which is a standard fixture of the environment has been made aware of this pointless vampirism.

I would rather pay someone to suck their own cock than pay these people, at least I'd get some small measure of value that way.
I'm sure they have a glib justification for their existance.
Anyone heard how these self insinuating middlemen justify themselves?
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