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1) References. Ask for six of them. Why? Most people can think of two people who will say something nice about them. SIX? Takes a little time to come up with that many. and CALL the references. ASK questions about the performer: their performance as well as their attitudes. Two reasons for this: The information, of course -- AND at least one of the six people will call the performer and tell them you WERE checking.

2) See a show. Don't go by video. Many videos no longer represent a performer's show. SEE them for yourself.

2a) If they are working with kids, you need to look at them very carefully. In Canada, we have them bring in a police report on themselves to ensure there is no criminal record. You would be amazed how many pedophiles are actually good performers.

2b) You may even need to ensure the performers carry their own liability insurance. In some cases you can be held accountable for their actions. A document should be signed with each performer that clearly defines them as "Suppliers" which frees you from any responsibility other than paying them and ensuring they have all the information they need about the show.

3) If they check out, book them a paid audition. Your job as an agent is to ensure that the performer is crystal clear on what your expectations are: what you want them to do on-site...and who the client is. Performers often get a bad rap undeservedly because the agent never bothered to explain the job to them.

4) Make sure that you, as the agent, do your end of the job: that the performer gets paid on time, that they get feedback on the performance, that if there are any travel arrangements that needed to be made -- that they are made. It's been my experience that if performers are treated with fairness and respect MOST of them will return same.

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