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Stop August 21st Ann Arbor MI

The set-up -

I get a contact through our website for a client looking to book a party August 21st. At first I think it's in LA, since that's the client's city on the contact form, but when I call them, they say it's in Ann Arbor. Great, I don't have to refer them to the much cheaper-due-to-lots-of-them aerialists already in LA.

I quote them a price in their budget. They tell me the party is a birthday party for a TV star and it will be---you know it's coming--"great exposure". They also dangle the carrot of "we just bought a theatre in LA to be a variety show theatre and this could lead to work there." I tell them that if they'd like to book dates for both venues at the same time, I will happily give them a discount for both gigs. They backpedal furiously, saying, "well, we don't have any dates, yet." (OF COURSE YOU DON'T MOTHAFACKA AND I'VE HEARD THIS CRAP BEFORE.)

I send materials. Later that day, I get a call from an event planner. It's the same gig, and I tell the planner this, but hey, now we've heard of each other and it's another connection.

The next morning, I get calls from one-two-three more event planners. And a set of friends who run another circus company. Who have also been called by two other circus companies. So I call the last two circus companies I know in the area, and one of them has also been called. We all share numbers, so no-one gets lowballed, since realistically, if the client really wants as big a party as they say, we're all going to be working it, the only difference is who has the hassle of running it.

Circus Company A gets the gig - now down to an hourly rate with entertainment staggered through the evening. It's still a fair price. They show up to a meeting with the client, who asks if the girls are going to be hot, because they are all from LA and used to really hot girls. They don't want the performers if they aren't hot. And he's not going to work with that event planner's assistant across the table because she is--wait for it--black. Circus Company A decides they prefer sitting at home for free to working for this client, returns the deposit and quits the gig.

The punchline -
So, if you get a call from some Hollywood moguls looking for hot girls who work cheap because it's great exposure, please drop me a line and I will pass on the desperation-price hollered at Circus Company A as they headed out the door, so that you, too, can avoid getting lowballed, and so you know what you're getting into.


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