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Jester Personas for Buskers

I've been looking at going into a costume up to now I haven't but I just don't feel professional and it might help me imporve my income since I use a mix of silly antics and playing the kazoo together.

Cost though IS an issue I need to be cost conscience at the time I was thinking of a pauper look called the Ragman I would make an outfit of clean colorful rags, a tunic and cloak with hood OR skullcap and a mask. Pockets for kazoos I usually carry five and abag for my tamborine. Something that would make people go HUH and get curious.

But am not sure there is little competition here so my goal is to stand out for marketing myself and again get people to pay attention plus a costumed performer looks like one - oddly might help with the police in my area.

What do you do when doing your LOOK, asking the more fun types out here in Buskerland?
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