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Default Craigslist "artists" section

IMHO the best way to find housing on the road is craigslist 'sublets and temporary" section, but I also manage to do some couch-hopping via 'craigslist artists" - you can get a free place to stay with local artists in exchange for teaching your skills, participating in art-projects etc. This fall I was visiting a friend near Paris, but I got tired of commuting to a suburb, and put an ad on CL artists offering free ultra-violet body-painting for photo/video projects/parties in exchange for housing in Paris for a weekend, and ended up staying for 3 nights on a matrass in Latin Quarter with local artists, doing body-painting on them for a was a lot of fun! Craigslist is becoming really popular in Europe, especially among US ex-pats, just be aware of scams - if somebody offers you something too good to be true and asks for wire-transfer or your social security #, it is a scam!
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