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A visa to England? *splutter* But I'm a British Citizen!! and if it's in Tokelau [but it's advertised as an English event yes?] then that's a NZ protectorate or whatever they're called and you have a NZ passport.

I would act all confused and a bit dim but still very impressed and enthusiastic and wait for the next stratum of conniving bullshit.

On second thoughts, the pattern is they do this every two years, whoever designed it harvested the first crop of idiots and then probably sold it off as a going concern to the next wanker who activated it again two years later in 09, got a smaller return and then sold it off again for whatever diminished worth it may still have.

Any search for them brings up a raft of scam identifying links so their ruse is near worthless.

This thread is high up in the rankings but there's many others.

Speaking of which [rankings] I use goduckgo as my search engine now because unlike google it doesn't record what you've looked for in the past to compile what you search for in the future.

That creeps me out. There's no standard reality any more. in search matters you end up googling up your own self referencing ass. I might google something and you might google the same thing but we'll get different answers dependent on what we've clicked on ever before. Kinda mental balkanization. Facebook does it too. You might have friends who have opposite political leanings and facebook will simply tweak stuff in the background so you don't get their updates any more.

Street theatre used to be like playing in humanities artery but now everyone stays at home and google and facebook coagulates everyone into likeminded clots.

Can't be good for the patient.

sorry, got distracted. This kind of scam is darwinian, anyone who falls for it doesn't have a sufficient resistance to bullshit to succeed at much anyway.

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