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Default Busking partner needed

I could not find a location on the site specifically for finding busking partners, but if any of you know of one please direct me there...
My name is Dillon and I am a juggler and university student. I have been busking for roughly 3 years. I realize that my crowd building skills are weak though my juggling is strong. I believe that having a partner might help.
The catch-I have had many performance partners and all of them have not worked out some way or another. I am looking for someone that is will devoted and willing to perform nearly every weak in the summer-at least on the weekends[I can't work Saturday]. I would prefer someone who has performed for at least 2 summers but those new to game are also welcome. Any type of performer would work, but I would prefer one who can carry a big presence on the street. I would not mind working with anybody from jugglers, dancers, acrobats, and magicians.
Finally, I am based in Boston but can easily perform in New York, or Montreal [other locations are harder for me]
Try to call: 617 735 5434 or email
Cheers and thanks for your time,
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