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Well what you gotta do is find a girlfriend and teach her a trade. My daughter's mother,I taught to play Washboard , She has headlined @ the Columbus washboard co. washboard festival ,the only maker of washboards anymore in the USA, for several years.I was in spired by an old friend 30 years or so in NOLA by the name of Professor Gismo. My girlfriend now I'm teaching to play spoons,as we speak. I was inspired by my long time friend from San Fran., Seattle area that played in the band of buzzards in the late 70's. Sound Garden, a rock band, did a very popular song about him, Artist the Spoon Man. Check them out on Youtube. My girlfriend has, a just custom built, new set of spoons . The spoons are made from Cuban Mahogany,native to the Florida Keys. They have a very beautiful abalone inlay on the handles. Covered with a clear very hard acrylic. I'm sure they are the first set of spoons made like this any where in the world with that particular sound and are notes. I also have a dog,mans best friend, That I taught to collect $$$$ as well as other tricks such as walking 2 - 1" tight'' ropes 6' high and 10 'across. My dog won pet star on animal planet walking the tight ropes with my version of her collecting $$$. I was inspired by a guy named Paul from London I think that had a dog named Israel that wore a tuxedo jacket that collected $$$ for him after his juggling show in NOLA for the '84 worlds fair. My dog wears shorts. There's one thing for certain, change. And welcome to the world of entertainment. peace
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