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Default Why I Hate Festivals

I hate festivals, most festivals, busker festivals, music festivals, wine and cheese festivals. I hate them all, (well except for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in SF at the end of September because it's free and they get name acts. It's backed by a billionaire).

I hate music festivals because they spend a lot of money on a few big acts and expect the other acts to work very very cheaply or work for free -- for "exposure". Not only that, but festivals take away from music venues such as bars and nightclubs. ("Why should I plunk down $7 to see a couple bands when I can plunk down $45 and see 10 bands?") I've seen the music festivals in San Francisco nearly dry up the live club scene, especially as someone who has put on over 400 shows in the past 12 years. I can't make it work anymore. It's like pulling teeth to get people to come out.

I hate busking festivals because they expect buskers to work for tips only, but yet the promoters want to get rich off the events. Sorry, if you want me in your festival, we're going to split some money here.

Also, the busking festivals like to give out awards and all that, to make it seem like the busker has done something really great. But face it, anybody who has been busking for some time and gets up the nerve to participate in a busking festival already has their chops. They know what to do to get an audience. They're *already* doing something great. They don't need awards.

And should a busker want to go on TV or into a Vegas showroom or whatever, busking awards aren't worth much; clips are. Well, you don't need a busking festival to get you clips. You need a friend with a camera. Even the grainiest of video conveys the talents of a good busker better than any busking awards can do.

So, there. No festivals for me.
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