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Default A newbie bottling speech

Hey all,
You've heard me drivel on about The Busking Project already. After a week filming performers in Edinburgh and London Sparky Mark, Brian, Ben, Will, Ozzy, Yogi Laser, The Great Dave, DynaMike, Billy Kidd, Rubberband Boy, Diego, Lisa Lottie, and dozens more I think I've improved my bottling speech. How's this?


"We're sending the performers that we have filmed all of the original HD movies (if they request it) to use for their own promos. We're editing videos of their performances to upload to vimeo, which we're then hosting on performer pages on our site (with bios and links). We've even organised a deal with a London CD duplication company which will now give a massive discount to musical buskers who want to print albums. We're helping you get business.

"But we have other goals. One is to give a realistic view of busking to the general public. We're not promoting busking as a good way to make a living (you don't need any more competition), probably the opposite; we're delving into the problems that you deal with, like a volatile climate, vested corporate and municipal interests, self control, public disapproval and everything else that messes with street theater.

"A second goal is to see what effect buskers have on their surroundings. There has never been as in-depth a review of the field as what we're trying. 40 countries. 5 continents. Hundreds of buskers of all backgrounds and mediums. To paraphrase Sparky, buskers are like canaries in mines; their absence is cause for fear. Our message: "Support Your Local Busker" (see attachment).

"Okay, I'll admit that the three of us are putting in all this effort in the hope that it will help us get better jobs in the future, perhaps as teachers or in the film industry. We're also hoping that we'll break even from sales in the end (ha!).

"But we're unlikely to make any money from it, and we'll definitely fail if we can't get donations or sponsorship to complete the journey. We've come halfway. To afford to keep going, we're holding two fundraisers, one in London and the other in the increasingly fascist city of New York [Chayne, in prison?!].

"Dear people of, It would be great if you could help me out [nobody's laughing now!]. So, if you know anyone who lives in London, and might like to support the project by buying a ticket to our show, please send them the following info. We wanted more press for it, but some rioters got in the way...

Event: 8 buskers (with hopefully a guest appearance from Yogi Laser) on stage, compered by Tony Moore
Tickets: 10
Time: Doors open at 7, show starts at 8
Location: The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham
Ticket purchase:




Once you've all damned me for doing a terrible job on this speech, I'll take it all in, improve, and put out another attempt when we've got the New York fundraiser organised. You've been a beautiful crowd, it means a lot to me that you've read this far,

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