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I've done Ferarra three times now and have always enjoyed it. Works like this:

No pay, no travel, no hotel! You get half price at the campsite which is a nice place to stay and rent a bike to get to the centre of town (it's a beautiful town).

10 days long...but you may only get invited for a few of these days so it's worth checking how many days you've been invited for...BUT! I always go for all ten days anyway and just ask for more shows, usually they give you them. Also there is a break from 6 till8 pm more or less where it's a free for all.

Hats are kind of low for huge shows but you can do more shows if you work hard anf move about a bit. I live in Italy so speak the language but even english only speakers seem to do well.

I will go there if I have no festivals elsewhere... Good party too.

Ciao, Ian
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