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Thanks for the tips guys! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my stuff!

I have already started updating the website. I have done the homepage, bio, circus shows and also the workshop page.

Isabella: I have added a close up photo of me on my homepage. I'll be getting another photo shoot done very soon, so I will have heaps of awesome images to use. For street theatre, I feel it is good to show big crowd shots- to show that people enjoy the act.

I'm also working on shortening my Festivals page. I wasn't originally going to be that long, but I just kept adding to it haha. I've having a little trouble with the editor, but hopefully it will be changed soon.

Davidkaye: I have made the font colour black, and also created more font unity. I've always meant for the colour to be black, but for some reason it never changed from grey. I got it working though =)

I worked the alignment a bit more to try and make it look a little nicer. The editor I use is a real pain and doesn't work half the time, and one of the things it likes to screw with is the alignment.

I have gotten rid of the "with other performers gallery". I've been thinking about doing that for a while.

Thanks for your on-going help =)
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