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The key is to have unique phrases on your webpage that people will look for. For instance, in my other life, if you do a Google on "honest" "dave" and "computer" you'll find my Yelp page come up as the very FIRST choice (after the Google ad). But if you enter "computer" "tech" "support" I'll still be in there, but about 10-15 pages down.

Likewise, I run a gaming group called SF Games. If you enter "San Francisco" and "games" the group will come up FIRST, after the Google ad.

So, just think about what you're offering that is unique and write it up on your webpage. Note that if you look at the source code on my various web pages you don't see a blast of keywords. Google is clued into that and will actually drop your ranking if they suspect that you're just peppering your website with keywords.
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