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Default Powering my Busking Equipment - Help Needed?

Hi all, I could really use your knowledge and help please?

I am after a power supply to run these items with a 12v car battery pack and inverter.

Can anyone let me know what size inverter I would need for approx 3 hours busking?

This is my set-up
1 X Mixing desk ( to plug mics, instruments, iphone and other things into ) 240v

1 X Boss GT10B Pedal - Power Supply 240v to DC 9V (AC Adaptor: Roland PSB-1U) - Current Draw - 800 mA

1 X Boss RC300 - Power Supply 240v to DC 9V (AC adaptor) - Current Draw - Maximum 320 mA (DC 9 V)

1 x Roland Micro Cube 240v to DC 9V

1 X Behringer B300, 300 watt powered speaker 240v

1 X small Asus Laptop 240v

I appreciate that I will need to use a 6 gang plug from the inverter aswell!

Can anyone with the knowledge offer help as regards powering this lot above please for busking?

# Also is it possible to use a car jump start pack as a battery power pack to power this lot with an inverter?

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