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I want to mention that we had a GREAT time at this event last year.

Lodging is a guest house walkable from the pitch. While Mumbai is a major, dirty, busy city, the campus is a quiet, pleasant, tree-shaded place in the suburbs (and ten degrees cooler).
All meals are provided.
They pick you up at the airport and get you to the airport (very, very helpful, especially if this is your first time in India - it's bustly and confusing).
They have a lot of lovely students who run sound, carry your equipment, and are generally helpful.
The audiences are polite, attentive, English-fluent, and they get ALL the jokes. They don't like blue material (for us, a girl landing in a volunteer's arms was hot stuff, and as far as we could go) but they are loud laughers and strong clappers and they don't have to have the jokes beaten out for them.
It's only one show a day - you have lots of time to sightsee and hang out.
Being in India is AMAZING. Almost everyone is incredibly nice.

There is no money, and while it was allowed, we did not see any performers pass the hat (we didn't - they're all students).
You buy your own plane ticket. They can get you to your next destination in India for further travel (we ended up with one RT and one OW tickets within India).

I know one of the groups last year got a provincial grant from their home province to pay their airfare, since it's a prestigious international festival.

I'd go again, because it was awesome, and I recommend the experience. If you'd like to know anything, or you want some tips on travel in India and how to have a pleasant time in Mumbai (Baby wipes and lots of them), please do get in touch!
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