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Originally Posted by Mr.Taxi Trix View Post
"they should be paying me. I"m very much a team player."

God I love these boards.
yes dude, I was the only entertainment @ three different events from day one till 8- 12 years later when there is attendance from 3k to 40k people. yes I should be getting payed by these people on top of working for tips. I am a team player. now do some research on magic mike and public events, we have a right to attend and perform in public events it's unconstitutional to exlude us street performers on any basis, 14th amendment. equal protection under the law demands that my 1st amendment rights are not any different than anyone elses wether making money or not. secondly a festival is not private property as all people are equlally allowed access with no expectation of being singles out for our activity's about case laws that prove other wise, I'm on your side fighting for us. your attitude seems to support those that would oppress us.
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