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You need to check the city ordinances for where you are and the county or provinces ordinances for permits. My city doesn't require them they have some rules you cannot sit or stand on the sidewalk or right of way as to disrupt traffic (I'm in a wheelchair its okay for me to sit on it), you cannot ask people for money or have a sign asking for money or initiate a conversation (you can passively collect tips) and otherwise must be not a nusiance (drunk, belligerant or otherwise an issue). You also must on paper play a musical instrument and/or sing but in reality any act is fine if its not dangerous to others.

In the county you get get a permit to solicite on the street and have that be sidewalk performing collecting tips and I have that with the background check and fingerprinting. Its another layer of protection.

But really you need to find out ask the police and if they can't help you inquire with the local charity legal aid society or other party. I usually find many places have no issue with it but you must be savey.

Hope this helps.
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