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Hey, so i finally did it, it was a saturday night and me and my brother decided to go downtown and do some magic tricks for some people. IT was the most fun i had ever doing tricks for people. i had a crowed of an easy 15 people around me watching me. I learned a lot and it opened my eyes on how to fix my routine and script it. After i was done my 10-15 min routine i didnt ask for money i just said thanks for watching and walked away with my brother. i didnt know how or i didnt mention it during my routine. it was just for the experiance plus i wasnt just in one spot i was walking around too. but it was 3 am and we decided to head home. so as we were leaving i seen a group of people (4) and i said hey what the hell and went up to them and asked if they wanted to see a magic trick and that i was a street performer. after i was done the guy tipped me a 20 and said that was really good probably the best he's seen on a street. i was happy built my confidence...but you do learn alot. for example i started off with sponge balls, then a few card tricks leading into the invisible deck then the egg bag. but when i was doing the card tricks it seemmed to lose interest in the crowed because the sponge balls were so visible. so you learn to change things around and i had a blast doing it. just thought i would share. haha
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