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Default Whhat to do now.

So i know this guy at work that has been in the business of busking and magic for 25+ yrs. and when i told him i was interested and did a few things he was more then happy to help me out and answer any questions i had. he even invited me out to the "magic club" which my city has that i had no idea about. but to cut to the case, once i started getting better ( adding more tricks learning new things) he was acting surprised but still said thats really good. then when i said i wanted to busk and kinda asked him to be my mentor and help me out ( like ill be his student) he said id probablly be his competition and that his show is for adults and when he busks its like a family thing but more for adultts and he does wedddings and corporate stuff. ( which i wanna do as well.) but it soounded more like he was kinda jealous or scared to help me... become better. anyways just wanna see if this has happened to anyone before. and not just me..and to tell you the truth it just wants me to practice more to become better and be his competition just because he didnt wanna help me. im 21 and he is like older 40s' i think i could pull it off.
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