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Default Move it along...

So I was working on the pitch and was told to move it along.
I figured at this time, it was due to blocking the sidewalk.

So I moved to a bigger pitch (about 20 feet away) to not
block the sidewalk and have been working off and on for
months. A couple of other guys have been hassled randomly,
for some reason I've been flying under the radar...until
last Friday.

A cop came up and told me that I can not do what i was doing.
Told me to do it somewhere else, not on his post. I imagine
these guys are told at random times to keep certain areas

So my question is...since this has been the second time I've
been moved from this area...should I ever venture there again?
Or should I just find another pitch?

I can imagine the same popo seeing me and getting ticked
now that he recognizes me.
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