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Default SOLD - Custom Bigfoot Stilts for sale


I am trying here before I ebay these puppies.

My personal pair of bigfoot stilts are for sale.

They have seen 2 gigs since 2009. They are basically BRAND NEW. A new child at home means my professional stilt-walking isn't as busy as it used to be, and I can't justify keeping them. My loss is your gain!

These are not your uncle's drywall stilts. They are patented, bending toe, toe articulated stilts. The best on the planet... These are the stilts that Stretch went through TWO marathons, and the exclusive stilts for all Disney and Universal Studios stilt-walkers - where those corporations buy dozens of pairs every year.

You can stand still, walk, skip, RUN, jump and more on Big Foot stilts. As comfortable a stilt as it gets. As stable a stilt as it gets.

Normally a when someone like you or me orders a set, we pay in full and wait six to twelve months for delivery. And pay in full we do - close to $4,000.00 for a new set of these. Yes these are 10 times the cost of a set of drywall stilts. Big bucks? You bet! And worth every penny.

As stretch has said "I asked myself when I ordered my second set, "how much is it worth to NOT squash some kid?" or have a stilt break and cause me to fall?."

A little more about this particular pair:

Most of these stilts are used by 6'+, 200lb guys wearing dozens of pounds of costume over them, so they are bullet-proof. The "regular" Bigfoots are also heavy and way to big for smaller people. I'm 5'6", 140lbs, and got this pair custom made for someone that size. Having said that - they are good up to 250lbs...

- I got the maker of Bigfoots Stilts to make this custom pair as lightweight as possible, and they have been drilled with hundreds of lightening holes to save weight.
- They are 34" tall
- They have a pair of US Men's 7.5 shoes on them. They would fit shoe sizes from 7-10
- They come with a second set of "soling" feet for them.

I'm asking $2,500.00 + shipping in a custom-made wooden crate.

If you are seriously interested email me off this forum. See this webpage for my contact info:

I don't expect these to last long.

Alain Bard
Ottawa, ON, Canada
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