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Mr. Josh Weiner
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Default State Transition Maps by Josh Weiner

Dear Fans, I have decided to file share my State Transition Maps...

1) Vanilla Siteswap Maps
2) Synchronous Siteswap Maps
3) Multiplex Siteswap Maps

If you do not know how to navigate a state transition map, and would like to learn, send me a message!

3 Quantum, to Height 6
4 Quantum, to Height 8
0 to 5 Quantum, to Height 10
3 Quantum, Height 5(Quaternary)

Google is sending a "permission not granted" message. If you would like access to my maps, send me a message! Free!

Vanilla Siteswap 5 Quantum, Height 10 Coming Soon!

These maps are the intellectual property of Josh Weiner from NYC. Any donations for my work are appreciated.

Have a nice day.

Sincerely, Josh
Josh Weiner
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2005 Busker's Hall of Fame
The South Street Seaport NYC 1992-2008
MUNY 2005-present

Columbia University TC, Mathematics M.A. 2012
CCNY Mathematics B.A. 2007
CCNY Jewish Studies B.A. 2007

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