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Here's a routine you might like...this routine came from a clown in NOLA, America named "Toots" sometime from the early 80s. Nearly every clown to come outta NOLA the next 10 to 15 years did this routine. First off you need a squeaker, that is maybe a bird whistle or the little barrel from inside a squeakie toy for a dog, etc. they work the best and you can then talk in a squeaky voice. Lay out a small rope for a ring, stop the people by doing some sort of magic ,changing color silks etc., grab the best looking chick, interactive rope trick such as cut rope tie it back together slide nott etc.,bra trick that is use the girl to tie 2 good size scarfs together with bra hidden inside one stuff this in girls shirt throw silk to look as if it went into the scarfs get 2 big guys to come up and hold the ends of the scarfs on the count of 3( every body counts) they pull the scarfs and the bra pops out, every one laughs you pass the hat you make $$$. This is about a 12 or 15 minute show and you should do 3 or 4 shows per hour. You can buy the bra trick in most magic stores or make one yourself . Good luck . Has any one seen "Toots" lately? I saw him in Key West a few years ago and he was teaching a young lady to clown and I think living in Gulfport , Mississippi.
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