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Nick and Brent are far more experienced to give advice than I am.
I think the problem of not getting a circle act going is primarily that you've got to have enough people at a venue to start with. And physical space for that kind of show. And if you have to be vetted before your perform, well, get a good promo video and persist at promoting yourself and your services.

So either you get to a busy place like downtown Queen Street in Auckland [but where's the room for a circle act, other than Aotea Square?] and set up there. Or you get to a very busy A and P Show or the like where several thousands of people are at - even if you have to pay for a site.
If the population/peopling at a location is low, then settle for a half-circle or a sidewalk/parlour show that you'll have to do time and again to make money.
I think you already know that.

Sometimes, I'm sure, we just have to settle for the fact that we live in locations where our style of peforming is limited by the nearby populatin numbers. It costs money to travel to the big centres, and sometimes it just isn't worth it for us as individuals.
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