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Default Assaulted by Kirk Kiefreider

People have been asking for more details.
Kirk assaulted me in a un provoked fit if rage that interrupted
him while he was talking. he assaulted me from behind, while
I was sitting down not even expecting it he told me after why.
He hit me two times, giving me a concussion then when I
was on the floor trying to crawl away and not even able to
gather a single thought he kicked me as hard as he could in my side,
while I was down, not looking, and trying to crawl away.
This is not a human being any longer, meth has made him something else.
I am still looking for any address for Kirk Kiefreider as well
and any places he rents or frequents so justice
can be swift, the next post has more information, Thnx
What you are looking at is two broken ribs and one fracture.
10 Fractured off the rib cage cartilage destroyed still not
repaired onto rib cage after 7 months, probablt never will.
Dr says if after a year , it wont, he also says I cannot work, at all.
Rib 11 broken, and pushed into the spine and 5 discs affected, one major herniated disc.
Rib 12 Broke completely in half, missed a section at the break, both 11 and 12
have healed inwards.
Hip not in photo, also kicked into my lumbar , discs affected for life.
This is information I added after the 5 CT and MRI scans.

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