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Let me tell you about Kirk Kiefreider short and sweet. Kirk is not a performer. He has not been a performer for well over 25 years. He is a career Felon it is no secret . He is a drug addict his choice is meth, Part of Kirk calls me sometimes and tries to reach out and apologize but he is being consumed.
If Kirk thinks this is oK I really feel sorry for the next person.
But hey BOTTOM LINE I do not care what anyone thinks, the facts are the facts and this tree proves it.

Its a 5 story Oak. Get it? Its also one of 5 I have in my yard. 5 Stories all the same, mine, kirk, birdie, tom ( kirk stepdad ) Jackie ( kirks mom )
anyone not liking the idea that you pay for what you do to people , must be talking to the tree.

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