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Default thank you robert nelson.

I just found this out about Robert this past Thursday. 9 months late. I got very disconnected from jugglers.
I just want to say thank you to Robert. he was extremely supportive of me when I talked to him at the Madison ija fest. cant remember what year. he and others ran a busker workshop. how to deal with hecklers was a part of it. I emailed him sometime after that fest and one of his supportive comments was " the world really is your stage". ive been busking for 22 years now and damn it im f**king getting back on that horse.
Feel like I want to say thank yous to fill up a damn page. I bow to your giving sir. lastly, tonight I got a shock when I looked up info on ejuggler on Robert. turns out he died on my birthday 8/27/. holy shite.
glad I got to know him the little that I did.
THANK YOU's a late goodbye to you.
sincerely, john van hattum
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