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Default Can I go for it ?

Hey, I'm going to Sweden, Kristianstad next week for 1,5 month for a job, and gonna be staying at my cousins. I was thinking about busking out there, I have never done it but been playing for people from time to time.
I play acoustic guitar and sing, I come form Poland so I guess I would sing english songs out there.
Here's a list of english songs I know:
Bruno Mars - Lazy song, When I was your man, Granade
Three days grace - Gone forever, I Hate, Never too late
Aisha, I'm yours, I won't give up, Behind blue eyes, You're gonna go far kid, Why don't u get a job, Hero of war, Californication, Wild world, Drive by, Numb, New divide, Comming back down, Dance with the devil, Radioactive, Bleeding out

I think that's all ;p
I love the thrill of performing for an audience, and thought it might be a good idea to earn some money
Do you guys have any thought ?
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