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I'm late to the party, but I will say that Isabella has many, many good points.

The video needs to be shorter, with shorter cuts to begin. Keep in mind that a potential agent/buyer is going to be looking at many videos. You have to GET them in the first 30 seconds.

One thing that would help this video greatly is a voice over, someone telling the viewer what you do, where you do it and why they need to hire you. A voice over can pin-point those things you want to feature - and make the case for booking the show.

The subtitles don't work. You might be able to edit the audio in such a way that it make the sound clearer. The subtitles don't work because they are too small, too long and they fight with the other graphics and visuals on the screen.

The trouble with titles that build on the screen is that they take too much time and pull too much focus. We watch them to see what words are formed. That keeps us from watching the action on the screen.

In short, cut at least a minute off; add a voice over; put in a stronger call to action; and clean up the graphics, so the audience doesn't have to work so hard to maintain focus.

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