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Default Helmets and kneepads are for pussies

Could it be I was duped? Time will tell.
Here is me and my puppy, 5 months now, Patches.
I live a half a block from the fairgrounds and right across
from a lake, another lake is the same half a block away at the fair grounds
and Patches and I are heading right for it, soon we will not stop at the lake,
first I am training her to run with me, off the dock and into the water.
Next will be the roller blades, I think I might have to bring padding to put on the iron posts that line the narrow 3 foot wide fiberglass dock, its about 30 to 50 feet long, she might try and jump off the to side, I don't need another rib injury.
Either way, roller blades and all I will sail off the dock at at least 30 mph
as it is downhill from my house, doing about 25 here just about half way from my house to the lake, she poicsk up speed fastmI am beefing her up, shesa beast,
shes fast, she snatchesa ball out of the air at the last second, shesa show off, she can talk, I love you, ya, woof, no, she mubmles a lot too, She is making more words everyday. She is crazy, so am I , eventhouh the doctors tell me I am totally sane, who knows. I hate correcting typos so live with it, just enoy the pic, feel the Rush and get ready for me to fly off into the deep end...
That's off the dock silly, I will videotape it of course.
Screw it Just go to Gregory Rush on Facebook, I will add the image in her later on tinypic

I still have two crunchy disks in my back, and a rib that healed wrong so it stabs me in the side
when I sit down or lay down, that's for life....that does not stiop my muscles from working'
and getting stronger than I was before I was assaulted a lot stronger, and I grew an inch.
I was always a short 5 61/2 now I am 5 7 1/2 the docotrt says...
Ya wit ha Jet Enigne/
This is me last year, the first tiem I got back on the ladder
on muddy clay, in the rainm with car parts and glas on slated race track
I aked eh Drive wtf is that?
He said WTF is Fire ladder Juggler?
The crowd goes absolutely ballistic.
Gregory is coming back, stronger , faster, better, sharper and with my dog
Patches who will leap through a hoop of fire. I never kid around. trust me.
YOu have not seen anything like this yet, and you will not see anything like
the new shows I am going to be doing.
My next Birthday, is going to be a blast!

Me to Rick? "What the Fuck a Jet Engine Powered Fire TRuck??
HE parked in my driveway, we partied.
Me " You are my kind of insane."
RIck " Ya the hoses shoot fire 100 feet into the air."
me " Rick, you drive Mother Fucking Jet Powered Fucking Fire Truck?"
RIck " I melt faces and cars, at the same time"
Me" Well I see the ladders and looks like you are missing a
Fucking Fire Ladder Juggler"
He laughed so hard, RIck " OK RUsh, what the fuck is a mother fucking fire ladder juggler"
I laughed, "you like surpises, so do I , tomorrow night I will attempt something
I have not done in a long time, I have 3 broek n ribs healing, a crushed hip, and a few herniated disks in my back and 2 are cruished perty bad"
I laughed " This is either going to stop the fucking rain, or break the train..."
Rick OK RUSH you are hired, want to drive a monster truck? Hell ya I said.....
Even if you seen it, its worth seeing again, the second time I juggle the base of the lader slide, skates back three feet,
I relasied walking it was not gonna help, so I just used pure balance
Mother fucking typos. just watch the damn video.

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