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Lightbulb photos

When I take photos , then it is mine right?
Like not of people, but I post it somewhere?
Not that I would go after anyone, except I did
take a pretty cool picture on my deck the other
day and posted it on Facebook, a tree frog on
a plant I got from as a bulb, laying by the big plant.
Well this angel looking flying bug got in the pic took
me three days to notice it. True I should water mark it.
What about photos of me or people doing exclusive
tricks no one else in the world does or can do?
Is there a line there? Like invented props and stuff?
I use it a lot in my promo, although the other things
I do are just physically impossible for anyone else to do,
no props so can,t copyright that or can I?
My son is copyrights his act and says he can copyright my written
material , let me know any feedback is appreciated, I am writing
a short biography for another website and adding pictures
so I already like the watermark idea and maybe some words too.
In the photo itself?
thanks and good reading here!
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