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Rumples entire life has been one of mild discomfort punctuated by emergencies and 72 hour shows. He's simply immune to carrot and stick behaviour. He pretends to worry sometimes but anyone who knows him, from people who have just met him to long term friends worry more about him than he ever does himself. He's used to it. He used to visit countries behind the iron curtain simply by walking up to a guntoting guard in his costume and pointing across the border at a castle and saying "I like castles." He's spent more time sleeping in hedges than any of us dare comment on over 20 years while also working for cirque. Corrections imply there's something wrong. There's nothing wrong with Rumple. Sometimes the universe can't keep up is all. Celebrate him, feel sorry for the shitty civilisation he has to work with. Plus he's a goose.

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