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haaa haaa haaa haa , I love it, I always go to the very end of a forum, all I see
is three posts by Martin, brilliant posts. I have been out of the loop for a but.
raising and training a new , well my first dog. Every time I start to type
she starts whining to go out then talking like a street corner rambler, I could
explain later how, it has to do with things the Cat act guy taught me in Key West.
Check out my latest dry humor on my FB page its my name or /starkrush.
Longest sentence she said so " I wanna come in thar" my room"
OK well part of the training is of course, good girl and always being impressed
saying things like, still cant believe it a talking talking again?
What are you talking about? Until she forms it better

The point of my post? Well I logged on to see new posts of course.
I realized today I might actually NEED a partner, to say the least a roadie be awesome, a study, protégé, hell maybe I just need a robot or motorized prop cart
Please no corrections from muted voices I will if I decide to post in the ah hem,,,appropritate area, nothing to see here, move along move along no please do not take the red ball and leather strap out of your mouth it is there for a reason, just go!
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