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Talking WOW airlines flights to Edinburgh and question about busking in UK

Hey, guys, for yall who are going to Edinburgh Fringe from USA - check WOW airlines (Iceland) - they just added flights from Boston to Edinburgh (I think they also fly from Washington DC, but not from NYC). About 300$ one way in summer (cheaper in fall), but they do charge a lot for checked in luggage, still great deal. So I am going there right after the Fringe, and looking for info on street performing (I am a face-painter, they do not allow it for Fringe anymore, but I know they have locations where face-painting is OK). If you can recommend a friend who rents rooms in the Center or great airbnb host - I would appriciate this also! I am also looking for info on London (both street performing and housing and whatever else you can tell me about it) and any places in between! Thanks!

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