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Post Out yourself here!

Out yourself here! That's right, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for. Many of you who know me can testify that I am a happily married man with two wonderful children whom I help support by street performing. I have the reputation of being a caring, creative, artistic guy who's greatest devotion is directed toward his wife and children. At the same time I have many opportunities to go out and strut my stuff on the street. Do you know what I'm saying?

These days I spend most of my time taking care of toddlers. Wiping asses, reading stories, singing songs, eating, comforting, laughing, coddling and all the other things it takes to raise children. I love doing it.

But it is all a mask to conceal the real truth about me. I am gay. And I'm sure I'm not the only performer who is masking their homosexuality through their performance. I mean, c'mon look at you guys. I've seen Peter Panic's costume chest and it was impossible not to notice that every other article of clothing was women's apparel. Jim does a great show but he also makes his own curtains. Do you know what I'm saying? Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable Martin E. is when he's out of make-up?

What I'm trying to say here is don't take Bobarino up on an offer of hospitality if he invites you to stay in his van unless you're willing to "go all the way". It's also been widely rumored that the B.F. Man enjoys wearing women's underwear (I don't know if it's true, I heard it from a barfly at a pub in SanFransisco). Jenny likes to shave her head and wear men's clothing. And why the hell does Peter Gross keep looking at my ass?

And another thing, look at the names some of you choose: Danny Hustle? Johnny Flash? For God's sake Poke Poke? And don't forget Scott Nerry. Admit it! Look at Chance and Frisbee and how they love to get tied up by other men for cash. If that isn't a mask I don't know what is. I could go on.

Like for example look at the way Al Millar loves to climb his circus pole and sit on top of it. If that's not gay then just shoot me. One time I was doing a gig with Bobarino and the producer provided us with a hotel room for the night after the show. Bobarino was crawling into bed next to me when I asked him, "you're gay aren't you?". He replied, "how'd you know?" I said "because there's another fucking bed."

Any way I thought it would be nice for you fellow performers to have a place where you could finally "get it off your chest". Out yourself here!

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