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I watched two guys in Paris do something similar. There "show" consisted of a bit of fire-eating, the blockhead (nail-up-the-nose) and then a BIIIIIIIIIIG build up for fire-spitting (he did 3 blasts). Their hats were LOADED with money.

There was another guy who do no real tricks at all, just yell at people and make fun of them-- especially if they were foreigners. He would hit them with a little cave-man club and then have them hit each other. His hat was always loaded too.

Many of the other performers were incensed, but I say if it works, then do it. This is STREET performing, after all. I salute anyone who can entertain 300 jaded Parisians (in whatever way) and convince the tight bastards to hand over 2 euros.

There is a definate skill in getting that hat to be over flowing. Martin wrote an excellent essay on the subject that can be found in the library.


p.s. Hey Cresent, it's easy to criticize if you're not the one up there doing the show.

p.p.s. There was a bum in Baltimore who used to where a sign around his neck that said "Why lie, I want a BEER!" He would work the pub district and rake it in because he would make people laugh--especially drunk people. Was he a bum, or did he make that (exhalted) transition to Street Performer? You decide.
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