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The show Cresent saw sounds like the performer was very bitter and mean. Mabey that's what works for him, I don't know. Whenever I get bitter and mean people walk off b/c it's out of character for me. I still make mistakes with that aspect of the show even though I know it's wrong, and whenever I do I can see the croud loose energy. I have never had success with the word "cheap", or with lines about breaking into houses.
Probably the most entertaining, aggressive, and successfull hat pitch I've ever seen is "Two's a croud" here in LA. It's also the most funny one I've ever seen. They do their hat pitch and collect the money before they do the final routien and just rail on anyone who doesn't pay, and will continue railing on them until they do pay. If that person still doesn't pay they make them leave (sometimes). They have "your a cheap asshole" jokes for every ethnicity, age, social stature etc. It seems fresh every time and it lasts about as long as any other routiens in their act. It's truly great, but I don't think it would work for me unless I changed my character.

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