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millard, type 'hat lines' into the search facilty.

As for pepa'h.

He was, as a performer loose but controlled, improvised exceptionally,very playful, very powerful performer.

His show was the most flawless thing about him. As a person he was kind and generous and confrontational and selfish and childish and loving.
You know..the usual street scum cocktail.

I think London gave him some of his best moments onstage and off, but it, and alcoholism ate him up and last I saw he was pitiful.

It makes me sad just thinking about him. He'll not die and be mourned, he'll just disappear, last I saw him he was already seemingly beyond help, he'd lost everything but the tiny bit of mana still available to steal drinks and live, no home, very little left of him to see.

Still, he gave the world more than it ever gave him.
Except Nick, nick was a fucking angel to pepe.
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