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nick w
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where i work out of........Thailand!

people said that they wanted to read more about me in the bio part. frankly, i feel that telling people where im from and personal info is of no importance. where im at, and where im going is much more important.

on the menu, i thought of having a part that said "where is nick w?"

i figured if anyone wanted to know exactly where i was, they would prolly find the answer in the calander seems to make sense to me.

the front page pic was the most hardest to choose. i had several close friends tell me they like the pic with the kid. i decided not to put the bike pic as front page because, at current moment, i dont have a tallbike. i had to, sniff, unfortunately, sniff sniff, ditch the bike in east china. no china man would even try to mount that thing, so i couldnt even give it away.

as in life, everything is subject to change. nothing lasts forever. except good friends and family.

nick w
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