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Hats at a lot of Italian busker fests are far below european average (what ever that may be for you), but there are always big crowds, sometimes huge. If you can do a lot of smaller shows, you'd probably make more money than doing a couple of big shows.
A lot of Italian acts I've seen, and foreigners that work there a lot, hat the crowd before they do the finale, and then after also.
If it's money you want to make,further North tends to be better, but no guarantee. Also, only go to those festivals that offer a decent daily retainer and full travel. Too risky otherwise.
If you speak Italian, you're automatically going to do better than someone who doesn't(as long as your show is good), unless you do a silent show.

I've had fun at Italian festivals and sometimes made good hats, but I don't go out of my way to get gigs there.

Never been to Ferrara.
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