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Originally Posted by ScoobyCircus View Post
Anyone have any ideas on what I could do better?

Nice website!

Home page: Be careful about alignment. Use block or left alignment whenever you can. The font at the bottom is too large and should be left or block aligned. Avoid gray as it is usually hard to read on poorly adjusted monitors, and you want to get as many readers as you can! (This is my beef with dozens of websites; I've actually managed to get Microsoft to correct it on some of their websites.)

Bio page: This is a good case for block alignment rather than left alignment. Good use of photos. Faces are always excellent, especially if you're smiling. Smiles attract people a LOT.

Circus Shows page: Because the photos are centered this is the best use of text centering. Otherwise it's usually best to avoid it.

Photos page: Best to avoid photos of other people unless they're important to your show or they're general audience photos. Reason: It can be confusing to the reader. You want to focus the reader's attention on your act.

Overall an excellent website! Maybe some day you'll visit us in San Francisco?

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