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I find it highly unlikely that your battery can put out 9.8 amps. I think they have severely over rated it.
I looked on Aer web site and see that the compact 60 watt now uses 2 x 6volt 12 ah batteries.
If yours is 2 x 12volt 7 ah, that either means it was running on 12 volts with 14 amps at it's disposal or it was running on 24 volts with 7 amps.

Either way, I think you've been had with your battery purchase.
Your average lithium batteries aren't particularly good at handling sudden increases in power draw as you might get with a D class amplifier such as the AER.
You might want to consider a t class amp that draws less power.
Take a look here at what they have to offer and check out their forum for good advice.
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