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I sell balloon models on the street along with working my Magic Show.
I make models to make money, not for the delight of showing how good I can make complex models.
I have a menu board, like a folding book cover. The photos of the models they can choose from are stuck on with Velcro and I have the price of them shown clearly. Most of the models I offer are one-balloon ones, because they need only the one balloon and are quick to make. That means a queue is dealt with quicker than if the models were more complex.
Kids get to choose the colour of their model.
I offer a dog, rabbit, sword, giraffe.
I make a 'heart flower' using a 6 inch heart and a 260 'stick' with 3 sepals/petals and charge an extra dollar for the extra balloon involved. This model is very popular with the girls. Women buy them sometimes.
I also sell a round or heart balloon on a stick.
I also have a couple of foil balloons for sale at a higher price. The foil is great because it does not 'pop' if it hits the ground or the like.
MagiCol. The presentation makes the magic.
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