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Lex Brodie
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I've still yet to get out there ...... rode my bike to Morgan Hill and it's a bit of a ride, not bad but it's 10 miles. It's about even in effort with taking the bus, since I have to walk 2 to the stop. But once on the bus, I might as well get a day pass (24 hours' rides for the price of 3 so I can really bus around) and hit Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Mountain View.

My big goal is to be decent on Xmas carols. I'm practicing everything but, right now, just basic beginner trumpet stuff. So my present near total lack of income isn't un-anticipated.

Since I really can't afford the usual Saturday garage-sale-shopping debauchery with my landlord, during which I often spend as much as $25, planning for a day of trumpet-playing might be a good way to dodge it.
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